Assessment methods and criteria – Macroeconomics 1 (3MI603)

Assessment methods and criteria

Seminar paper, presentation 6 points
Solving examples and tasks 4 points
Mid-term test 2 x 20 points 40 points
Oral exam 50 points
Total – maximum 100 points

 Special requirements and details:

Students take part in the oral exam if they have a minimum of 20 points from the mid-term test (s). If students do not meet this requirement, they receive a 4. If students received a grade of 4+ on the oral examination, they can retake the oral examination. Students are required to attend to at least 50% of lectures. Otherwise, a student is classified as Failed. If, for serious reasons, a student fails to fulfill this requirement, the article no. 14 of the Study and Examination Rules is applied.