The Department of Managerial Economics offers the following courses in English:


Applied Macroeconomics

Applied Macroeconomics includes an analysis of the development of basic macroeconomic variables (interest rates, exchange rate, employment and wages, inflation, etc.) that shape the business environment. Analysis of the effectiveness of macroeconomic policies in the closed and open economy (applying selected models).


Managerial Economics

Managerial economics develops critical thinking skills and provides students with a logical way of analyzing both the routine decisions of managing the daily operations of a business as well as the longer-run strategic plans that seek to manipulate the actions and reactions of rival firms.


Intermediate Microeconomics

In Intermediate Microeconomics students study a consumer´s behaviour and firm´s decisions intermediate analysis in the output and input markets.


Intermediate Economics

Intermediate Economics includes micro and macro parts. In Microeconomics students study analysis of the decision-making of individual economic subjects in the markets of final production and input markets.
In Macroeconomics students study analysis of the effectiveness of macroeconomic policies with the use of selected macroeconomic models in conditions of a closed and open economy. Advanced analysis of problems of unemployment, inflation, exchange rate, and economic growth.


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