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A. Compulsory courses

Ident Name
3MI402 a 3MI411 Economics 2
3MI403 Microeconomics
3MI404 Macroeconomics
MIE403 Microeconomics 2
3MI491 Economics 2
Arts Management
3MI622 Intermediate Microeconomics
IP_415 Intermediate Microeconomics

B. Facultative courses

Ident Name
3MI321 Ethical dimension of institutional changes
3MI322 Economic transformation and enterprenial sphere
3MI323 Labour market
3MI324 Economics of leasure
3MI325 History of economic thought
3MI326 History of orthodox economic thought
3MI327 Alternative approaches to economics
3MI328 Development of economic thought in the Czech Lands
3MI329 The theory of the firm
3MI422 Microeconomic starting points for standard macroeconomics
MIE901 Microeconomic analysis
MIE911 Economics