Our Department

Activities of the Department of Managerial economics involve the teaching, research and development activities. The department provides courses in economics theory (macroeconomics, microeconomics, economic history and history of economic though). Students can take compulsory and also elective courses in these disciplines. Compulsory courses provide a general overview relevant to the university level, elective courses then focus on detailed analysis of concrete issues (e.g. leisure economics, ethics, labor economics etc.).

The research and development activities are focused into two priority areas. The first of them is oriented toward the assessment of economic policy impacts on the business, mainly in the Czech Republic. The research, however, has to consider to the position of the Czech Republic in the European Union and in the global economy. The application of modern knowledge on microeconomics, macroeconomics and economic history in education is the second research area. The emphasis is placed on the usage of current information and communication technologies in the learning process. Research and development activities are so closely correlated with the educational activities.

International activities of the department cover both teaching and research and development. Teachers are involved in teaching courses at the master and doctoral study levels in English and Russian. In research and development, they co-operate on international projects mainly with colleagues from the United Kingdom, France and Italy.