The Department of Managerial Economics offers the following courses in English:


Macroeconomics I

Macroeconomics provides a basic theoretical background for understanding how the economy operates. It provides students information about the main macroeconomic measures, money market, the macroeconomics equilibrium theory, the open economy problems, inflation, unemployment, economic growth, business cycle, and macroeconomics politics.


Microeconomics I

Microeconomics introduces students to basic economic concepts and relations between them and thus create conditions for the study of other economic disciplines. Microeconomics provides a basic theoretical background for understanding how firms and consumers make their decisions.


Behavioural Economics

The course aims to acquaint students with the basics of diverse behavioural theories and empirical methods commonly used to test the theoretical predictions. The knowledge obtained in this course is useful for students’ future professional life (e.g. it will present ways how to effectively motivate employees, how to attract consumers, etc…).

The course timetable and the course web page with additional information (course syllabus, required and additional literature, etc.) can be found in the Public catalogue of courses of the Prague University of Economics and Business. To find a subject just enter an ident.